Pregnancy & Early Childhood

The most important time appears to be at the start in life – the first two months. Think of that: the child who has only two months of really bad experiences [from birth] does worse than the child with almost twelve years of bad experiences [at a later stage], all because of the timing of the experiences.

Dr. Bruce Perry, clinician, researcher & teacher in children's mental health

We strongly believe that both the pregnancy period and the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life are times of great opportunity and importance.

Research shows that these earliest years of a child’s life are a crucial period of holistic development, with the ability for excessive prenatal and postnatal toxic stress to create a lifetime of physical, mental, emotional, and social outcomes.

More specifically, adverse early childhood experiences can fuel intergenerational cycles of poverty. In New York City, nearly one in four children under the age of 3 live in poverty, and Black and Hispanic children face even higher rates of poverty, material hardships, and health problems. The challenges these families in particular face are rooted in income inequality, systemic racism, food insecurity, a lack of stable, affordable housing, and anti-immigration policy -- to name just a few barriers.

Although the return on early investments in childhood are the strongest across a lifespan, as a country we spend the least amount of money on children in their earliest years when compared to other developed nations, namely from birth to age three.

By the Numbers


A baby’s brain doubles in size by age 1, and by age 3, it has reached 80% of its full adult size


Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman shows that very $1 invested in early childhood can yield a return up to $9


Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous babies are up to twice as likely as White babies to die before their first birthdays

Our Thesis

Our Early Childhood Development portfolio focuses on New York City-based organizations that focus on supporting birthing parents and babies during pregnancy and the earliest days of life. Our work focuses on preventing, versus undoing, in an effort to have real, palpable change on the lives of New York’s littlest ones and next generation.

Our Portfolio


Ashe Birthing Services: Offers families unique maternal care,


Association to Benefit Children: Shares joy and love through compassionate programs for NYC’s most vulnerable,


The Birthing Place: Provides individualized prenatal, birth, and postnatal care to marginalized BIPOC communities,


Bronx Health Collective: Offers holistic prenatal and pediatric care services, involving group prenatal care,


Bronx Health Link: Improves the health of mothers and babies through providing doula services & childbirth education,


Chances for Children: Strengthens relationships between at-risk parents and their children, from birth to age five,


Citizens’ Committee for Children: Educates and mobilizes New Yorkers to ensure that every child is healthy, housed, educated and safe,


Dominican Women’s Development Center: Contributes to the empowerment of low income Latinas and their families,


Early Childhood Funders Collaborative: Brings together ECD funders to act and advocate for change for children & families,


Healthy Start @ NYCHA: Supports pregnant women living in NYCHA housing by providing material goods, resources, and ensuring homes are safe for a baby.


HER Village: Provides essential material goods, like diapers and hygiene items, for moms from birth until their child is four,


Hunts Point Alliance for Children: Nurtures Hunts Point youth along their path to college or career,


Little Essentials: Offers at-risk families urgently needed children’s supplies and parenting education,


LSA Family Health Services: Strengthens and empowers vulnerable families and children,


Mexican Coalition: Supports Latinx families in NYC, including young mothers arriving from South & Central America seeking asylum,


Moms for Moms: Creates a community of women providing care and support to other women,


New York Community Trust: Prepares all New York City children for lifelong success,


Nido de Esperanza: Seeks to break the cycle of poverty by changing the first 1,000 days of a child’s life,


Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership: Provides maternal and child health services for women and babies in Northern Manhattan,


NYC Mammas Give Back: Improves the lives of NYC area moms and families experiencing homelessness and poverty,


Power of Two: Nurtures the inherent potential in every child and family,


Room to Grow: Offers structured coaching, material goods, and community connections to support parents to thrive from the start,


South Bronx Rising Together: Builds pathways of success for children and youth “from cradle through college and career”,


United for Brownsville: Launches local, innovative solutions to inequities found within systems that serve children,