Climate Investing

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan, polar explorer & environmental leader

Climate change is one of our generation’s most imminent challenges.

It’s time to mobilize all of our economy’s solutions and our consumers towards decarbonizing our planet and ensuring we have a tomorrow for our future generations.

As we grapple with a staggering increase in extreme weather disasters both nationally and globally, see an international push for collaboration towards net-zero emissions targets, and realize technology breakthroughs that could be mobilized for positive climate change, it’s all hands on deck -- philanthropic and policy solutions can only solve part of the problem.

When looking at ways to provide catalytic capital to commercially-viable companies and solutions, venture capital pops as an effective start. Able to fund and aid in developing solutions across a variety of sectors -- from transportation, mobility, and energy, to real estate and the built environment, to agriculture and our food systems -- venture capital funds can evaluate the economic viability of seed- to growth-stage companies, while forcing an impact lens in the form of climate adaptation and mitigation.

Climate investing, and particularly in clean- or climate-tech solutions, has been turbocharged over the past few years. By midway through 2021, global investors had already closed as many climate-focused funds as were raised during the previous five years. The enthusiasm we’ve seen recently for climate-related investments represents a turning point in an investment thesis that was considered by many early skeptics to be just a fringe strategy.

By the Numbers


To avoid a climate catastrophe, we must eventually be investing an estimated $4T annually into the clean energy transition globally


Investment funds deployed an estimated $142B into climate technology companies between 2020 and 2023


Over 2,500 unique climate technology companies have received venture funding since the start of 2020

Our Thesis

Our Climate Investing portfolio includes primarily U.S.-based venture capital firms that support early-stage founders and entrepreneurs looking to scale climate solutions and boost positive climate action. Our work focuses on finding commercially-viable, equitable, and tech-enabled solutions to our world’s climate crisis.

Our Partners


Activate Capital: Invests in early market leaders whose technologies are fundamentally transforming the industrial economy,


Acre Venture Partners: Invests in companies creating fundamental change in food and agriculture to address large scale problems,


AgFunder: Invests in bold and exceptional founders transforming our food and agriculture system,


Avesta Fund: Invests in scalable solutions to boost economic opportunity or climate action,


Buoyant Ventures: Invests in companies that scale climate solutions to achieve resilience today and reverse trends that will affect tomorrow,


Clean Energy Ventures: Funds disruptive, capital-light technologies and business model innovations that can reshape how we produce and consume energy,


Closed Loop Partners: Invests in companies developing breakthrough solutions for the circular economy and building resilient supply chains,


The Engine: Invests in founders solving the world’s biggest problems through the convergence of breakthrough science, engineering, and leadership,


Fifth Wall: Invests in new technologies that decarbonize the built world,


Powerhouse Ventures: Invests in seed-stage startups building innovative software to change the way we power our world,


PowerPlant Ventures: Invests in emerging consumer companies that are better-for-humanity and the climate,


Starlight Ventures: Invests in the brightest entrepreneurs using science and technology breakthroughs to achieve progress at scale,